New John Jennings Double Mounted Gal Leg Spurs

New John Jennings Gal Leg Spurs--

These spurs are the trifecta of spur motifs, gal legs, card suite and guns--

Jennings is a protege of noted Shawnee, Oklahoma spur maker Bill Madole--

John says he was sitting around listening to the radio and the Marty Robbins song Big Iron came on, thus inspiring the creation of this wonderful piece--

There are 42 pieces of sterling silver and gold in these spurs--

All work is hand engraved, no laser cutters are used--

Heel band width 1"--

Heel opening 3 1/4"--

Shank 2 1/4"--

Rowell diameter 1 3/4"--

Rowell points 24.


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